Day 1

Posted: November 2, 2012 in 90 Day Challenge, First 30
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I did not get enough sleep to start this challenge today but I committed myself to it and so here goes.

I started off this morning tired and achy, barely able to pull myself out of bed for work let alone a work out. I failed at my first challenge, to get some strength work in first thing in the morning. I resigned myself to doing that on my lunch break and I will WOD at the box tonight, no matter how much I want to skip it for a nap.

Breakfast consisted of 2 cups of coffee, black and three eggs scrambled with milk. I seasoned them with garlic powder and African Smoke Seasoning from Trader Joe’s. I love that sh!t. Need to get some more as the bottle is running dangerously low. At 10:30 I switched to water and grabbed a banana.

I decided that today would be Overhead Squat Day. It’s by far my weakest squat movement, both in weight and technique.

For a warm up I did a quick run followed by air squats and stretching. Then, with the 45 pound bar, I completed the following movements with 3 reps of each for 3 rounds: Push press bar behind neck, snatch grip push press, snatch balance and hang power snatch. That was followed by my 3×8 Overhead Squat with 45, 65 and 75 pounds.

Wow. I didn’t expect it to be that hard to keep the 75 pounds overhead for 8 reps without dropping it. After every rep I had to focus on keeping my core locked and shoulders active and stable. This movement definitely needs a LOT of work.

After finishing up I did some more stretching. My forearms were tight and needed some mobility work through the rest of the day.

For lunch I had a KC Strip along with some sauteed carrots and green peppers. All cooked in bacon grease. After cooking the steak there was enough grease left to cook the veggies so I decided not to waste it. Besides, I hadn’t had any bacon. Still drinking water.

After work I went to the box. The WOD tonight was strength based. 3 rounds of max effort bench press at 95 pounds with 30 double unders and 30 abmat sit-ups after each round. My ankle is still not fully recovered from the sprain a couple months ago so I am cautious with my DU’s. They are a mix of singles and doubles. For my bench press I did 11 reps the first and second round and 9 reps the last round for a total of 31 reps. Last time we did this I only got 19 reps so I am very happy with that. The finisher was multiple choice. I skipped passed Karen, the 1500M row and I can’t remember the other options and did the 3 person team tire flip to the end of the block (uphill) and back. It was fun but my arms are a bit scratched up.

For dinner I had a big bowl of spaghetti squash with whatever brand of sauce Ed bought, seasoned to our liking with ground beef added and parmesan cheese. Like I said in the about section, I am not going paleo here.

Oh, and through out the day I had one fun size Kit-Kat, one so small it’s maybe half fun size Heath and a cup of hot chocolate to end the night. Considering how much candy is in this house, I think I did pretty good only eating those two pieces.

Day 1 is over and I am getting more sleep tonight.


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