Day 2

Posted: November 3, 2012 in 90 Day Challenge, First 30
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Well, I did get more sleep last night but I was still very tired this morning and so I know it was not enough. I did sleep like a brick though. I got up 15 minutes earlier than normal. It’s a start towards getting up early enough to workout in the morning, but not quite enough. One step at a time, right?

Breakfast this morning was a breakfast burrito with 3 eggs scrambled, diced steak, diced bacon, ground beef and cheese. Of course I had some African Steak Seasoning on it and some taco sauce. I’m out of orange juice and milk so I just had coffee this morning. Time to run to the store. Good thing it’s payday.

My body is not as sore as I thought it would be and I am surprised by the lack of bruises on my forearms from the tire flipping. I was sure I would be purple. My triceps and biceps were the sorest parts of my body so a decent part of the morning, while on phone calls and on hold at work, was spent digging a ball in to those muscles.

So far this week I have done deadlifts, front squats, overhead squats, thrusters and push jerks. I decided that today is a day to work on  two movements, the snatch and back squat. I’ve decided to mostly follow the Wendler System. I am going to follow the reps and percentages of weights but I am NOT going to only squat once a week. Also, the bench press is not a major lift for me, so that is probably not going to happen more than every other week. As with everything in this, I am tweaking things to work for me.

So, today’s workout (after a warm up) included a 3×5 of hang cleans, power snatches and back squats. The hang cleans were all done with 65 pounds. This was more to work on form, speed and warming up some more than it was to work on weight. I will increase weight on those another time. Power snatches were done at 80, 85 and 90 pounds. I warmed up with 65 pounds as that was already on the bar from the hang cleans. They felt good but the last round was heavy and I wasn’t sure I would get that last rep. I am very glad I did.

Back squats were a different story. I have not done a lot of these lately and it’s been two months since I went heavy on them. I warmed up with 65 and 95 pounds and then started my reps at 135. It felt good and so I bumped it up to 165.  That felt very heavy and so instead of doing my planned 190 for the last round I did 175. I don’t have a spotter and I am doing this with iron plates on a bare concrete floor. We should be getting a rubber mat with in the next couple of weeks and so then I won’t be so afraid of dropping the weights and breaking something.

For lunch I had a big bowl of chicken noodle soup. Ed made it the other day and it has carrots, celery, bacon and I think even a poblano pepper. It’s yummy. Then later I went back and made myself a peanut butter sandwich.

Dinner was on the run. Had a Whopper Jr with cheese & bacon and some of my fries. I skipped the soda and had tea instead.

After settling back in at home for the night I pulled out my planner and laptop and got busy figuring out what I am doing. I have almost all of my lifting for the next 4 weeks planned. Movements, percentages and reps are all written out. I even have my deload week planned and Sunday is my official rest day every week.

During this time I will be setting goals while listening to my body. Mobility work will be a must, probably on a daily basis. When this is all said and done I think I just might reward myself with a massage.


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