Glorious Saturday, I got to sleep in a little bit later than usual. Well it was only until 8, but that extra hour was nice. I had my baby girl “help” make pancakes. She did a great job stirring for me. So for breakfast I had my usual couple of cups of coffee along with 2 pancakes with almond butter and syrup. They were pretty good.

At the gym today I helped coach the onramp and in that class I did some wall balls to demo them. I haven’t done them in a while and did better than I honestly thought I would. I do need to do them more often. So, note to self, do some wall balls every now and then if they aren’t in any of the WOD’s that I can make it to. Due to family obligations I wasn’t able to stick around for the open gym to get my strength work in at the box. I did enjoy teaching though and helping people learn the movements. I really love it when someone listens to my instruction and I can see their form improve or when someone asks a question and I can confidently answer it for them. I love helping people in their love with CrossFit and lifting.

when I got back  home I fixed myself a large batch of chicken “nuggets.” They were breaded with almond flour and a few seasonings and cooked in bacon grease. Everything is better with bacon. I ate them with BBQ sauce and when the kids didn’t eat all of the mac and cheese that I had fixed for them, I swiped some of that. While playing with the kids I also managed to sneak in some stretching.

During nap time I went out to the garage with Ed to get my strength work in for the day. My muscles were sore from all the work I have done this week so I decided to take it light today. We each did a 5×10 of hang power cleans and push presses. I stuck to 65 pounds for all of my reps. My focus was on speed and form. I wasn’t trying to get to heavy with this. Instead I focused on form and speed. Hang cleans are not something I do very often and when I do them I am not very good with the flow.  That is something I know needs work and I think they felt good today.

For dinner I had two home made beef and chicken quesadillas. I must also confess to having a few small pieces of candy today. having it in the house is hard to resist. Still, I don’t think a tiny kitkat is going to kill me. But if it comes down to me having to learn to totally say no to these to see the gains I want, I will find a way to turn them down. Or hide them. Whatever it takes. It’s time for me to get the body I really want and I will do what needs to be done to achieve it.

Tomorrow is a rest day, so my plan is to eat lighter but not stupid light. My body still needs fueled but I think it’s the day to skip the chocolate. Not the wine though. Or the bacon for that matter.

Goodnight everyone.


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