Day 4

Posted: November 5, 2012 in 90 Day Challenge, First 30
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Rest day. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be to not go out to the garage today. I wasn’t one of those lucky people to get an extra hour of sleep. After all toddlers don’t pay attention to clocks. They did sleep later than I expected and I stayed in bed until they made me get up.

I did have a fairly productive day though. I am not sure how it happened but almost all of the laundry in the house is clean. Most of it is even folded and put away. I reorganized all of my jewelry as the drawer I keep it in got trashed. I found some earrings that I forgot I had. Major bonus there.

Food for the day, well, let’s just say it could have been better. The morning started off great with bacon and eggs. Lunch came out of a can. Dinner was chicken “breaded” with almond flour and some spices cooked in bacon grease piled on top of mashed potatoes and covered with milk gravy. I ate too much. It was too good. The first time I tried making fried chicken with almond flour was an experiment I wasn’t too sure about. It’s delicious. Seriously, try it. It doesn’t taste very nutty and it crisps up quite nicely. You just have to be patient cooking it because it will fall off if you turn it too soon or too often.

That’s my day in a nutshell. Tomorrow I go back to lifting heavy weights. I can’t wait.


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