Well, I managed to get up an hour earlier than normal. Of course so did my children so I wasn’t able to go outside to lift. You just can’t trust toddlers alone in a house.

I woke up hungry this morning and so I had a banana with my coffee. Then I had some leftover chicken & mashed potatoes with gravy served up like shepherd’s pie. It was still delicious.

My strength work today was front squats and strict presses. After my warm up I did some kettlebell swings mostly because I haven’t done them enough. I did two rounds of 15 reps at 35 pounds. I followed that with:

Good Mornings – 3×5 – 65, 75 & 85 pounds.

Front Squats – 3×5 – 115, 135 & 155 pounds

Strict Press – 3×5 – 65, 75 & 85 pounds

Bent Over Rows – 3×5 – 85, 90 & 95 pounds

On my strict press I failed on the very last rep. I tried twice but that bar just wasn’t going above my head without it turning in to a push press. I’m still happy with it. My current one rep max is 95 pounds, so doing 4 reps at 85 is not bad.

During the front squats my mind was just not cooperating with me. So I had some bonus reps on back squats. I do not know why I just kept wanting to do back squats. I’m totally okay with it. After all, squats do a booty good.

After the workout I had hot tea with honey, a blueberry crisp Cliff Bar (because after 2 reminders Ed lost his right to it) and an almond butter sandwich. I think the almond butter from Trader Joe’s is my new favorite.Granted, Justin’s almond butter with maple is AWE-SOME, but the Trader Joe’s almond butter is just so easy to spread and you don’t have to spend 10 minutes stirring it like the last brand we bought.

Dinner tonight was two burgers with cheese. They were seasoned with African Smoke Seasoning and a kick of ground hot peppers of some sort. We polished of the mashed potatoes and I had to make some more gravy to go with it. The night was rounded off with a couple of glasses of wine.

I know it’s really early in this, but I already feel like this is going to do wonders for me. This morning it was kind of cold outside and I knew the bar was going to be very cold out in the garage. The skies were grey and it was raining for a decent part of the morning. It’s the perfect kind of day for me to easily talk myself out of the short walk from the back door to the garage. Turns out it was an even better day to prove to myself that I can stick to this now that I have my mind set to it.

Tomorrow’s schedule calls for deadlifts. My favorite. I can’t wait.


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