Oh. My. Aching. Body.

Seriously, I am sore today. Neck, back, shoulders, arms and calves. It’s almost like I have kicked up my workout programming just a bit. Oh wait. Nevermind.

Last night before bed I had Ed put some Rock Tape on my arm. I want to encourage healing where it was hurting and since I had just recently picked up some for my son I thought it would be good to put it to use myself. Plus I look awesome sporting the biohazard print on my arm. I’m just saying…

Anyway, so barely able to pull myself out of bed this morning, I started my caffeine consumption right away. I also had a chocolate whip yogurt. You know that bite in yogurt that makes yogurt taste like, well, yogurt? Yeah, I totally can’t stand that. The only yogurt I have been able to eat is the Yoplait Whips! ones. Chocolate Mouse is my favorite. I didn’t have any of that but I did have plain chocolate. It was good. It wasn’t enough so I grabbed an apple as well.

Early afternoon I had my leftover double decker taco and made a BBQ quesadilla with ham as the meat. I was just not finding myself motivated to cook anything that takes much effort today. This has definitely got to change.

Today was supposed to be overhead squat and hang snatch day but my arm was still not feeling it. So I made today a rest day and will do it tomorrow. The one thing I have learned to do is listen to my body. If it wants a break, it gets a break. Well, if it’s just whining because I am sweating like crazy and exhausted I try to ignore it but if it’s threatening injury I listen.

I went to the box tonight to help with the OnRamp class. We covered deadlifts and double unders. I strung together 15 doubles. I think that’s the most I have done since my ankle injury. I’m glad they are coming back. While demo’ing deadlifts I stuck to 95 pounds. They felt nice and light. The thing I try to convey with people new to weightlifting is that if you stick with it the weights that felt too heavy to handle eventually feel like nothing. There were days in the transition period where I would go to clean 95 pounds and find myself thinking about it to hard and acting like it was my first time. I would have to remind myself that I clean over 100 pounds all the time, 95 isn’t that much anymore. Your body will get stronger. You just have to help it get there and stick with it.

After class Ed & I went out for dinner. The weather is getting cooler and that means it’s boot season. Alas, my ankle isn’t ready for heels yet. I was going to give it a shot, but I felt unsteady at home so I had to pass on my sexy boots. Anyway, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings. We each order 18 wings and shared chips & salsa along with a basket of their cheddar potato wedges. They were delicious. I ate too much and do not regret a single bite. Now I think it’s time for a food coma.

And this ends my first week. Tomorrow I will measure and take updated pictures. I have already made one decision. It’s time to start planning out meals. That is on the agenda for this weekend. I think having all my meals planned out and mostly prepped in advance will help out on those days when everything falls apart or I just don’t feel like eating anything that is in the house. Wish me luck, planning is not my strong point.


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