I was right, my arms are very mad at me today. Lots of mobility work was done through out the day trying to get my triceps and forearms to forgive me. They never did. I am hoping that tomorrow we can be friends again.

Breakfast was an orange cream yogurt and three eggs scrambled with milk and 21 salute seasoning. I had a pre-lifting snack in the form of 6 left over chicken wings from the other night. They reheated quite nicely in the toaster oven. I was pleasantly surprised. The downside is that now I am out of hot wings.

In the garage it was snatch and back squat day. The back squats didn’t feel as heavy as they did last week. I was very glad of that. Especially with the slightly higher weights and with knowing that next week will be even higher.

Snatch – 3x3x1 – 75, 90, 100 pounds

Back Squat – 3x3xamrap – 140, 160 and 180 pounds. I did 4 reps at 180

I tried to do an additional rep on my snatches at 100 but failed. I almost put more weight on to try and see if I could match my prior 1 rep max but then I reminded myself that these rep schemes were planned out for a reason. No good will come if I ignore it. Besides, it will be nice to see if this actually results in an improved 1 rep max at the end of it. I think the hardest part of this is going to be reminding myself that I can’t try for a new one rep max every week. That’s not how this work. PR’s came more often in the very beginning but it’s not hard to get stronger when you start off thinking the 45 pound bar is heavy.

After work I had to do a lot of driving and dinner was on the go. I stopped by my food crack dealer, also known as Panda Express, and order a large orange chicken. I did not order an entree plate. It’s hard, although not impossible, to eat rice while driving. As such I have gotten in the habit of ordering a large single entree and eating the entire thing myself. Plus the fortune cookie. I have no shame. It was good. I enjoyed it. I will do it again.

Tomorrow I don’t have any set plans on what I will be lifting. I will be basing that partially on what muscles hurt the most and partially on how much time I have. We will just see what happens. One way or another there will be weights involved.

  1. jill says:

    I’m the same way with the one rep max…..i used to spend time practicing sets then just see if I could get a pr that day…almost trying to pr every day…so I told myself have a scheme every day (outlaw right now) then on sunday or saturday – only one day allow myself to try and pr/lift heavy heavy and screw it up….but I know that feeling!

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