So far in this journey I have noticed that my willpower is strong when it comes to sticking to my lifting schedule. Even more so after I wrote 4 weeks of lifting out in advance. I know before hand what I will be lifting everyday – movements, reps, percentages. The only parts not set in stone are my warm ups, stretching and any additional exercises to be done if time allows it.

I have also noticed that my willpower is lacking when it comes to snacking, especially on days when my mood is off. As I mentioned before I am now planning my meals in advance. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to plan out a full week of meals so I am currently working one day in advance. It’s a start and I am hoping to expand it a little further as I go along.

Breakfast this morning was paleo beef stew. It was pretty tasty. I’m not normally the type of person to eat stew for breakfast but it was a cold morning and just sounded like a good idea last night. It was a great idea. I also had a banana, orange juice and coffee.

Today was deadlift day. I added weighted good mornings as a warm up and ended with arm focused movements to help strengthen the upper body.

Good mornings – 5×5 – 65, 75, 85, 95 & 100 pounds

Deadlift – 3×3 – 210, 250 & 280 pounds

Barbell Curl – 3×3 – 65, 70 & 80 pounds

Bent Over Rows – 4×3 – 90, 95, 100 & 105 pounds

Lunch was roast that was cooked in the crock pot last night and some carrots fresh from the ground. I would say fresh from the garden, but that’s not really accurate anymore considering all that is left are some carrots. It makes me sad to see it so empty. Ed & I are already talking about expanding it next year. Apparently 800 plus square feet of garden plus a table of herbs & a planter box just isn’t enough for everything we want. I have no problem with this. I want gallons of tomato sauce to freeze next year.

I had a midafternoon snack in the form of a sweet potato with butter. I frequently get hungry before my evening workout on Tuesdays and wanted to avoid this. Mission accomplished. When it came time for the workout I felt fueled and ready to go instead of wishing I had a handful of almonds or a banana to eat first.

The workout tonight was brutal. It was a deadlift chipper with pull ups, push ups, wall balls, toes to bar and double unders (not in that order). It took me just over 17 minutes to get through it and I felt exhausted at the end of it. It was great. 🙂 Yes, I enjoy being so worn out from my WOD that I am gasping for breath while sprawled on the floor after it’s all done. I’ve never claimed to be “normal” and like it that way. Of course I have surrounded myself with people who feel the same way so I guess I am normal to this group of people. We are our own brand of weird here in CrossFit and I love it.

After that there was one more class for me. I only did part of it though. It was a high hang snatch/snatch balance combo. (Insert your own snatch joke here as I think they were all thrown around tonight. Many by me. I really should have worn my snatch shirt to class.) It was ten rounds to be completed one round every 30 seconds. I did 65 pounds. Form & speed was the focus, not weight. It felt pretty good but during one of the snatch balances my ankle gave me a bit of a twinge. It’s still not 100% so I decided to call it a night there.

Well, mostly call it a night. I did go over and help with the onramp class that was going on at the same time. It was a fairly large class and they were going over thrusters. I figured my time was better spent helping people work on form than it was sitting on my posterior. I love helping people learn these moves and find the same love for CrossFit that I have. I love it most when people listen to what I have to say and then I see it helping them grasp a concept and improve their form.

For dinner Ed & I decided to go out. We don’t do it very often and I am going to say it was all his idea. We went to Waffle House. I had a side of bacon, hash-browns with cheese & ham and a waffle. How can you go to waffle house and not get a waffle? I don’t honestly know but Ed does it all the time. That guy is not normal.

Then it was time to come home and wash the funk off of myself and snuggle up for the night. It’s my favorite part of the day.


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