Today I was determined to not let my emotions control me but they did edge their way in a few times.

Breakfast was a protein bar & an apple. Then I went to the box to again help teach the onramp class. After working on slam/smash balls and power cleans we split in to two groups. I took the two people who had more experience and went over split jerks and squat cleans. I must admit that I fought learning split jerks myself for a while. I was better at the push jerk and had trouble finding my footing. Once I submitted to learning I did realize that it can be very useful in getting under the heavier weights. I had a lot of good instruction when I was learning that move and remembered some tips and tricks to pass on and help my two people get it. I was very impressed with how the picked up the movement. They also picked up the concept and movement of the squat clean fairly quickly. I think at this point the major thing they need to do is remember the position and get the speed in dropping under the weight. It takes time. This is something I know too well.

Lunch was first from a can and followed with some turkey. I was hungry when I got home and had already planned on cooking the turkey breast but it was going to take longer than I was able to wait for food. Yes, I know Thanksgiving is less than a week away. I don’t care. I like turkey. It was yummy.

Dinner was homemade boneless wing with buffalo sauce. Well, that’s not entirely right. The sauce was actually awesome sauce. I LOVE Ed’s buffalo sauce. It’s fabulous. I will be using the left over sauce on a variety of foods through out the week. It will be heaven. Until I run out that is. Then it will suck. Then I will pout and Ed will make more.

After dinner I chilled with the family and we watched Brave. I really like that movie. It is sooo cute.

I really didn’t get much lifting done today. I did a lot of power cleans and 75 pounds while demoing it and a few squat cleans as well. I lost count on the number of slam balls I did using the 25 pound ball. I hadn’t done that in ages. It was a nice change of pace.

Bad news, I think I am getting sick. 😦 I really hope not but my throat is telling me otherwise. Wish me luck.


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