Day 18

Posted: November 19, 2012 in 90 Day Challenge, First 30

I woke up this morning with a bunch of crap in my chest and an extremely tight neck muscle on the right side. I had planned on doing my missed lifting from Friday today but I decided that with all the stress I am still dealing with combined with a very sore neck and sub-par health I should stick with this being a rest day. I will add the things I missed working on Friday to the beginning three days of this week. Possibly tweaking this week’s schedule in order to spread things out in a way that makes sense and won’t drain my body.

I will honestly say that I didn’t eat all that well today and I ended with two woodchuck ciders. I did tell Ed not to buy a bottle of wine because I can’t say I wouldn’t have finished it off. Sometimes it is best to keep the temptation out of the house. Especially when you are having a bad few days.

Tomorrow I am back on this 100%.


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