Today was definitely a better day.

Breakfast and lunch sort of blurred together as I didn’t really have a big meal and more or less ate as I got hungry.It consisted of turkey, a banana and a hot pocket. I also had some hot tea along with my usual coffee. The hotness felt good on my throat which is still battling congestion. Early in the morning I got a text from a dear friend. She told me to lift today and that it would help with my stress. I had already decided I would but wasn’t quite finding the motivation for it. So thanks for the push Jill, I needed it. You were right, it totally helped.

I went outside to lift three times today. My first time out I did push presses and snatches. It was a mix of what I originally planned to do Friday and today.

Push Press – 5,3,1 – 75, 85, 95

Snatch – 3,3, AMRAP – 80, 90 100×4 reps

The push presses felt really good. The snatches were even better. If you were there to see me struggle with getting the 100 pound snatch earlier this year then you know how awesome it felt getting 4 tonight. You see, during the CrossFit open last year I got 100 pounds ONCE. Just once. The next time I tried it I failed. The time after that, failed. For months I was stuck in my head and couldn’t get it again. I can’t wait to try for a new max on this.

Then on my next break at work I went out and did back squats. I warmed up with 5 & 5 of 100 and 135 pounds.

Back Squats – 5,3, AMRAP – 150, 170 and 4 reps at 190.

These felt good as well… except for the last 2 reps. I really had to push to get those. I debated, briefly, stopping at 3 reps. Then I remembered something I read recently about the last reps being the ones that counted the most. The reps that you have to fight for. Those reps that almost don’t happen. So I fought for one more rep and was glad I did.

After work I had about 20 minutes before I had to pick up the kids from the sitter and so I did a workout posted by my box. It was 20 reps back squats unbroken. The last time I did that I used 135 pounds. This time I used 145. I got all 20 reps. The last five were hard but not impossible. Obviously since I did it. I have set myself a goal to revisit this before the end of the year and get 20 reps at 160 pounds. I think I can do it.

Dinner, that wasn’t so great. It was pizza, meat lovers. I ate the crap out of that. I also made cookie bars with the kids and had a couple of those and wrapped the night up with a glass of wine. I did stop at one glass though, so that’s something.


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