Day 20

Posted: November 21, 2012 in 90 Day Challenge, First 30
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I’m still fighting the chest congestion but I am turning the corner towards beating it finally.

Breakfast – bacon and two eggs scrambled with turkey & African Smoke Seasoning. I also had two cups of coffee, one cup of hot green tea with honey and a small glass of orange juice.

I am still playing catch up on my missed workout from Friday. Well, now I have the front squats from yesterday left to work in either today or tomorrow and determine if I am doing everything plus the front squats or rearranging other days. In addition to that, tonight’s workout at the box includes the 5000 anyhow (or 7000 for men). The point of this is to move 5000 pounds from ground to overhead, anyway possible. You can snatch it or you can clean & jerk it  or clean & press it. To get the weight you can break it up however you want. Some options are 100 x 50 reps,  85 x 59 reps, 65 x 77 reps, or 55 x 91 reps. So long as the reps times weight comes out to 5000 pounds. I had planned on doing this workout in the past when it came up but sometime always prevented me from doing it. Part of me thinks I have done it, but if I did I never logged it so I have no idea how I did. My goal tonight is to get it done in 6 minutes. The question is if I  should try to go light and fast or heavy and methodical? I decided that a good idea would be to test how many reps I can get in a minute at various weights. So, to make sure I wasn’t too tired in the final attempt I broke my breaks up today and worked on one lift and then did a minute of snatches at various weights.

Break 1

Deadlifts – 5,3,1 – 230, 260 & 295 pounds. I warmed up with a 3×3 at 145, 175 and 205

Snatches – 85 pounds – 11 reps

Lunch consisted of two burger patties with awesome sauce and some carrots.

Break 2

Front Squat – 53,1 – 135, 150 & 170 pounds

Snatches – 65 pounds – 15 reps in one minute.

So I decided that in order to meet my goal of completing the workout in 6 minutes I would do 65 pound snatches with a goal of completing 13 a minute. However, I got to box and was talking over the workout. Other ladies were doing 85 pounds and so I decided to go ahead and give it a try but instead of snatching and wearing myself out I would aim for tap and go cleans & jerks. After all, I only had to 10 a minute. 8 minutes and 9 seconds later I was done. I didn’t meet my goal and while I can say I am not happy with my performance I am also not disappointed with myself. I underestimated this workout and learned a lesson in the process.

After that I did some snatches off blocks. I had never done this before and it took some getting used to. Let’s be honest, I still don’t have this totally under control. I think one main thing is that I need to step outside of my head and stop worrying about my feet hitting the blocks as I drop into the squat snatch.

Dinner was home made schezwan chicken, woodchuck cider and a couple of cookies. Now I am off to bed…if I can stop sneezing.


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