Day 21

Posted: November 22, 2012 in 90 Day Challenge, First 30
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Today was supposed to be overhead squat day, but that didn’t happen. I bumped it to tomorrow morning so I can earn my Thanksgiving.

Breakfast today was a couple of scrambled eggs and bacon. Lunch was left over schezwan chicken and a small glass of milk. Yes, I know that dairy isn’t the best idea when you are congested. I didn’t care. It was needed t counter the hotness of the chicken. I love that sauce but it burns. Ed is better with the hot stuff than I am.

At work I have the best boss ever. I work from home and don’t usually get anything when the in office people have special celebrations and such. So, he let me & the other two home workers out 2 hours early today.

After work was the onramp. We taught snatches. It’s not the easiest move to learn or to teach. I got in a handful of demo reps at 65 pounds.

After class Ed & I had date night. We went to Anthony’s. If you like Italian and are in the KC area you MUST check them out. Best meat sauce ever. I’m just saying. If you don’t like Italian food, well, I just feel sorry for you because you have no idea what you are missing out on. I had the pollo con provolone with a pasta side.

Back at home I made some Bacon Sweet Potato biscuits for tomorrow. They are basically this recipe from PaleOMG doubled. I didn’t use chives because I didn’t have any and I am not a big fan of onion of any type.

If you are looking for a fun food blog with a LOT of awesome recipes check out PaleOMG. Seriously. Even if you aren’t focused on a paleo diet. Plus it is super fun to read her blog. I would love to meet Juli someday. She seems like a fun person.

Well, that’s it for tonight and tomorrow’s post will likely be late as well. Night everyone.


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