Holiday weekends, you got to love them. Spending time with family and away from the computer.

11/23 – Thanksgiving

I started out the morning with overhead squats. I did a 5,3,1 at 85, 95 and 105 pounds. I did two reps at 105 (third rep didn’t count as I didn’t break parallel). Then Ed & I hit the road to go visit my family on the other side of the state. We were out of eggs and didn’t get up as early as we wanted so breakfast was on the road. The only thing open was Taco Bell. Very healthy, I know but it was better than gas station food. I had a soft taco and a 5 layer burrito to go with the coffee I picked up when we filled up the gas tank.

At my aunt’s house I a few of the sweet potato/bacon biscuits I made, some bacon wrapped dates that Ed made (I LOVE those), turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy, corn and a couple of rolls. I only had one serving of cheesecake for desert. I did have two trips for the main meal.

Ed had to work the next day and so we made to 3 1/2 hour drive home. We were still full and so we only had wine for dinner.


I did something I have never done before. I went shopping on black Friday. I didn’t do any of that crazy early morning crap. I slept in until 8 and it was glorious. I had left overs for breakfast including turkey and mashed potatoes. While out shopping I went to Panda Express and had a two entree plate with steamed rice & double orange chicken. I ate maybe half of my rice.  For dinner Ed & I went to Abuelo’s. I had the Juarez meal and two margarita’s. Don’t judge me. They were awesome. And yes, I had a healthy serving of chips and salsa. Ed & I have decided to go paleo next week and so I am enjoying the bad for me foods while I can.

No lifting today.


Breakfast today was the last of the turkey, some carrots and the last of the bacon wrapped dates from Thanksgiving. I could eat those suckers like candy. When I got to the gym I did 2 rounds of 500 meter rows. I wasn’t pushing for max effort time and so was happy to get 2:12 on my first round and 2:01 on my second.

After helping with the onramp, Miriam and I did some strength work. We did 10 rounds of 1 rep every thirty seconds power snatch followed by the same with power cleans. For the power snatches I started off with 75 pounds but bumped it up to 85 on round 4. For the power cleans I did 115 pounds. After that we did a 5-3-3-1-1-1 of split jerks. I did 105, 135, 145, 155, failed at 165 and then got 160, then ended it with 165. The last time I did split jerks I maxed out at 140. It’s been a while but that’s a 20 pound PR and a 5 pound PR on jerks of any style as I just got 160 for my push jerk 9 days ago. I am VERY happy with that.

I met Ed for lunch at Corner Cafe and had a 1/2 pound burger with bacon and pepper jack cheese along with some sweet potato fries. Lunch was late and so we didn’t really have dinner. Ed’s daughters, son-in-law and grandkids came over tonight. It was a nice visit. We had cheesecake and played with the baby. After everyone left we had some wine.

It’s been a good holiday weekend so far. Tomorrow was a scheduled rest day but since I didn’t do any lifting Friday I think I am going to change that. I will probably do the front squats I missed yesterday.


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