Last night I made a breakfast bake which was very similar to a hashbrown casserole I used to make, minus the cheese and hashbrowns. So, I had two pieces of that along with a banana and a yogurt for breakfast. Of course there was coffee. There must always be coffee.

Lunch was a jalapeno & cheddar burger patty (from Local Pig) along with the last remaining bit of of cauliflower & carrot mash with a little bit of butter.

I was going to do some deadlifts on my lunch today but ran out of time and also decided that the workout at the box tonight would be more than enough. Yeah, I think the coaches are crazy. lol

First we did 5 rounds for time of 10 Power Snatches 65 lbs 40 double unders. My double unders were sucking tonight. I have major  whip marks on my arm. I finished at 11:47. After that I did 20 GHD sit-ups.

The second workout of the night was the crazy one. It was scheduled for 40 minutes, every 10 minutes was a different focus.

With a running clock, 40 Minutes-4 Rounds:

*10 Minutes to Run 400m, then establish 1RM Snatch

*10 Minutes to complete 100 Double Unders, then establish a 3RM Thruster

*10 Minutes to complete 500M Row, 30 Pull-Ups & 30 Ring Dips

*10 Minutes to complete as many as possible of Rope Climbs and Muscle Ups

First off, I hate running. I don’t know what my time coming in the door was. It was cold outside & I forgot my hoodie. My coat wasn’t designed for running in. When I came in I got on the snatch work. I did 85 pounds, 105 and then PR’d at 110. That made my night. Seriously, you have no idea. Plus I am really close to getting the 115, I just need to drop under it faster.

More double unders in the second minute. They still sucked and took forever. For the thrusters I also maxed out at 110. I might have been able to do more but time was running out and I wanted to save my arms a little for round three.

Round three, I did the dips with a small band and got them out of the way first. I did the 500m row next and completed it in 2:12. Not my best, but also very worn out at this time. I got 20 of my 30 pull ups done before the end of that round.

The last ten minutes were my least productive. The rope climb is totally evading me. I didn’t get very far at all. I need to work on the foot wrapping technique. I spent most of the time working on my muscle up progressions with ring pull ups and working on chest to bar pull ups. I will get there.

Dinner tonight was pork roast on top of a bed of greens with red peppers and carrots. I used the au ju from the roast instead of salad dressing. It was a brilliant idea. Ed thought so too. I also had one piece of dark chocolate as a treat and to appease my sweet tooth. I’m still avoiding the m&m’s and the cookies.


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