I realized this morning when I stretched that my abs are little sore. GHD sit-ups are no joke. I must do them more often

Breakfast was two more pieces of the breakfast bake a banana and a yogurt. Pretty much a not so instant replay of yesterday. I’m fine with that. However, my ass is dragging today and no amount of coffee seemed to be helping. During my first morning break at work I laid down with cold tea bags on my eyes to relieve their tiredness. That helped.

Lunch was left over pork roast with more of the au ju poured all over it. I stopped myself short of drinking the juice, it is that yummy. I also had an apple. I realized a bit after lunch that I had not eaten a single vegetable and so I corrected that, slightly, with some celery dipped in almond butter.

After work I went and taught the on-ramp class. We covered proper squat form, push-ups and their various modifications for scaling, box jumps and deadlifts. I demo’d a few reps at 75 pounds. After that we did tabata sit-ups. I joined in on the sit-ups as I needed some kind of workout today.

For dinner I sliced up a beef roast into thin strips and cooked it in butter with garlic, 21 salute seasoning and some of the au ju (I told you that stuff was good). For a side I sauteed zucchini, carrots and green peppers in olive oil with fresh rosemary. I had a small glass of wine and a small piece of dark chocolate.

If you haven’t noticed, I am trying to remove grain from my diet and let me be honest, the withdrawals are killing me. I’m not caving but I really want a cupcake… or some rolls… anything. BUT, I still resisted those cookies and helped Ed resist the ice cream. I know once I make it past the initial craving stage I will be fine. I’m not hungry after all. I don’t need it. I just want it.

I know my body will thank me for eating better once I get past this initial withdrawal period. Honestly though, if a food causes withdrawal symptoms when you stop consuming it that should tell you that it’s not the best thing for your health. One of these days I might even wean myself off of caffeine. Of course that is just crazy talk.

  1. Jeanette aka sissypoo says:

    One musy never give up coffee… That’s blasphemy…. All hail the might bacon and the bean…

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