Breakfast was 3 eggs scrambled, cooked in butter. And coffee. Always coffee. Then I had some celery with almond butter. For lunch I cooked up some beef cut in to cubes with gluten free szechuan sauce, a splash Bragg’s liquid aminos, carrots and green peppers. It was spicy and tasty.

After work I went out and did my lifting for the day. Still sticking with the lighter weights this week. I did a 5×5 of overhead squats at 65 pounds followed by a 5×5 of squat snatches also at 65 pounds. In the squat snatches my focus was trying to drop under the bar. I want to get the 115 pound snatch and I know it will happen sooner if I can drop under it properly.

Dinner was steak and cauliflower/carrot mash. Ed cooked the steak. I cooked the mash. This time I put in some rosemary. I thought of that near the end and so it got blended a little longer in the Ninja food processor. It ended up a little closer to baby food consistency which I liked better and Ed liked less. So, in the future, I will take part of it out for him before I blend mine to oblivion.

Oh, I also had some dark chocolate. The girl scout cookies that Ed order a little while ago already showed up. I hid them from myself. I am going to save those for my cheat days. I will take my cheat days very seriously. There is already one planned for next Wednesday. It’s a birthday dinner and the birthday girl (Ed’s daughter) wants Thai. It’s been too long since I have had Thai and I am so looking forward to it.

Side note, I am starting to get in to this whole couponing thing. I am still very new to it and learning the rules and how to get the best deals without scamming anyone. I refuse to use a coupon on an item other than intended just because the register can’t tell the difference. However, I did end the day buying three bottles of hairspray that were on clearance and after redeeming my coupons/in-store funny money I only spent $0.58 out of pocket. I’m not going to complain about that one bit.


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