Breakfast this morning was a breakfast bake & banana along with some yogurt. I had a big handful of grapes as a mid-morning snack.

I went out to the garage for a little bit of a workout. I did overhead squats and kettlebell swings with 20-15-10-5 for the OHS and 5-10-15-20 for the KBS, alternating between the two. OHS were done at 45 pounds and KB was 35. I followed that up with 2 rounds of 5 pistols per legs, 5 overhead lunges per leg with 10 pounds and 5 push ups.

Lunch was some more grapes, celery and deli sliced ham.

After work I went to the gym and did a 21-15-9 of sumo deadlift high pulls and overhead squats. Both were 65 pounds. I finished in 8:24. Then I did 5 rounds of 3-Power Snatches;3-Behind-the-Neck Snatch Grip Push Presses;3-Overhead Squats. I did 65 pounds for these as well and that brought me up to a total of 110 overhead squats today. Yeah, my ass is sore. I’m just saying. That was followed up with bench press 5-5-3-3 at 75, 85, 95 and 105 pounds. After that I called it a night for working out.

At home I had 2 open face burgers with my paleo ketchup and some celery along with wine.

I am actually looking forward to my rest day tomorrow. 🙂 I. AM. SORE…and I like it.


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