Today I had to drive my oldest two across the state first thing in the morning and I did not get up in enough time to fix breakfast. So I ate on the road, but I made much better food choices that I normally do when on the road and hungry. I stopped at Qt to get gas and grabbed an apple, a banana and some natural almonds to have with my coffee.

For a late lunch/early dinner I had hot wings and celery.

Ed & I were out longer than we had planned to be today so we had a late workout. First we did a 21-15-9 of kettlebell swings (35 pounds), ab-mat sit-ups and push-ups. We didn’t time it so I don’t know how long it took. After that we did a 3×5 of overhead squats at 45, 65 and 75 pounds. Then I did some work on my pistols. According to Ed I am at or slightly above parallel, so I am getting there. I can get all the way down but I can’t get back up from that depth. I am glad I am making progress. I finished up with 10 burpees before stretching out.

After that we came inside and watched some TV and had a protein shake.

I have been debating doing burpees every day, at least 10. I don’t like this idea. So I think it’s probably not a bad idea. When the snow clears up I am going to start doing more double unders. Maybe at that point I can do burpees one day and double unders the next. Just so long as I don’t do something crazy and decide to do them both daily.


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