Yesterday was a rest day and my body really needed it.

For the most part I ate well yesterday. For breakfast I had a burger, no bun, with some of my homemade ketchup. For dinner I had a salad, sirloin steak and sweet potato with butter. I also had a banana during the day. Lunch, however, was another story. I was angry and hungry and that is not a good combination for me. As I was trying to find something to eat I noticed the left over enchilada was just calling to me. I ate it. Without shame or remorse, I enjoyed every last bite of that darn thing.

Okay, there was a little remorse, but it came later when I was done being in a pissed off mood.

Today was much better. Ed & I got up early enough to go to the 10am class. Before leaving we each had a breakfast “burrito” which consisted of eggs, chicken & seasonings wrapped up in a slice of ham. It was pretty tasty.

The workout at the gym was 5 rounds of 10 Toes To Bars, 10 Power Snatches at 55 pounds and 10 Wall Balls at 14 pounds. I did my toes to bars 5 at a time and finished the WOD in 17:45. It was rough and invigorating. I liked it. My hands don’t like me very much though. After that class was the OnRamp class I help teach. Then during open gym I worked on my overhead squats. I did 3-3-2-1-1-1 at 65, 85, 105, 115, 120 and 125 pounds. The 125 pound is a PR for me. It took me three tries and Ed cheering me on to get it, but I got that bastard. 🙂

For lunch we went to Chili’s. Their menu is not the best for trying to go gluten free but we were hungry and had been given a gift card for them for Christmas. I ended up having the bacon chicken sandwich and a salad. I didn’t eat the croutons on the salad or the bun on the sandwich. For dinner we had spaghetti made with spaghetti squash.

I made a new batch of paleo ketchup tonight. I am playing around with the recipe and Ed said this was his favorite version. I used elephant garlic this time. It’s huge. I used 1 elephant clove instead of the four regular cloves I used in the last two batches. I think I have about got it narrowed down to how I want to do it. Next thing to try is to make paleo BBQ sauce and I think it might be time to make some more hot sauce. Oh, I also made some Italian dressing.

I love knowing what’s in the food I eat and being confident that it’s not going to kill me. It’s nice. I wish I had developed this love for cooking a long time ago. I am certainly enjoying it now though.


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