About This Challenge

You may be wondering what this challenge of mine is all about. I have seen a lot of challenge’s recently, most of them paleo related. I debated participating in these challenges but realized that I am just not mentally ready to go through the holiday season with those restrictions. Meanwhile I have been following the LBEB athletes Talia & Streaky on Facebook and have been impressed with their strength and beauty. Of course I love CrossFit women like Annie Thorsdottir and Elizabeth Akinwale as well.

So, following all of these athletes while trying to find my focus to get in to the shape I want to be in made me really examine my current commitment level and forced me to see I have not been doing what I need to do. I am limited by time, family life, work and other factors in how often I can go to the box to train. That is three, maybe 4 times a week. That is certainly not enough.

Next I had to evaluate my eating habits. They are all over the place. Some days I eat 90% paleo, some days I eat 90% crap. I am definitely not eating to fuel my workouts with any sort of consistency.

Now, for my challenge. It’s vaguely specific and I believe that will work for me.

First, in addition to my continued CrossFit WOD’s I will be lifting 5 times a week with at least 3 days of squats. The lifting will be done with a purpose. Each movement will have a long term goal in mind. I have weights in my garage, I have no excuse not to use them.

Second, I will track everything I eat. I will pay attention to how that affects my performance and I will adjust accordingly. I am not going to restrict what I eat or how much of it I eat. I don’t want to be a size 5. I want to have a 200 pound clean and jerk. I need to feed my body to do that.

Third, I will step on the scale twice. Once at the beginning and not again until day 90. I will take body measurements at the beginning and at 90 days, with pictures.

Fourth, I will blog on this EVERY DAY. The only exception will be lack of internet access for reasons beyond my control or travel away from home. By doing this I will be holding myself accountable to you, who ever you are.

Yeah, I know it’s not very specific. I do, however, think it will work for me. If in thirty days it isn’t, I will tweak things and put more requirements on myself.


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