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Day 89

For breakfast I had an egg bake and a few pieces of bacon. At lunch time I had some of my black currant tea. That and the raspberry green tea are quickly becoming my favorites. I am going to need more fast. It’s a good thing I plan on going back to the City Market this coming weekend. I also had some of the vegetable beef soup that Ed made. It was also very fantastic. So much so that I also had another big cup of soup for dinner.

I did not work out on my lunch break, I got busy with other things. However, I was not going to let the day turn in to an unplanned rest day. So after Ed went out to the garage to lift and he was able to stay inside with the kids, I went out there. I starter off with 5 push presses at 85 pounds. Then I moved to the push jerk and did a 3×3 at 105, 115 and 125.

I need to work on squatting under my snatches more so then I did 5 reps of squat snatches at 65 pounds. I then moved to power snatches and did 3 at 75, 3 at 85, 1 at 95 and 1 at 100 pounds. I went for 105 and failed twice. I wasn’t dropping under it properly. I know that’s my problem. As such I gave myself a 10 burpee penalty. I decided that when I fail at something for a stupid reason I am going to give myself a burpee penalty.

Anyway, moving right along… as the 105 pound bar was just sitting on the floor and needed re-racked, I used it for 5 reps of power cleans. After racking the bar I realized I hadn’t done bent over rows in a while, so I wrapped up my lifting with 3×10 at 65, 85 and 105 pounds.

I finished my workout with 30 air squats and lunges, 5 per leg, while holding a 25 pound plate in each hand.

Day 90

It’s here at last. Day 90 of 90. I wanted to make this day something to remember, and I will.

Breakfast was simple, I had some bacon. Bacon is always a good thing. Bacon makes me happy. Around early afternoon I had 2 eggs scrambled with diced up steak and garlic. They were tasty.

When looking at the whiteboard online I noticed that yesterday at my box they did max effort sit-ups. Since I have an ab-mat at home I decided that would be a wonderful idea. I made a space on the floor in my bedroom so that I could have music going of my choice, also so I could monitor the time more easily, and then got down to business. I’m not going to lie, my goal was based on what was recorded. One girl did 218, another did 150. I wanted to at least be between them. I kept a steady pace and as I was making it past 100 I was sure I could get at least 151. I did, and then I kept going. As I rounded up to 200 I told myself there was no reason that I couldn’t get 219. I did… and I kept going. I kept going for 17.5 minutes. I ended up with 320. I think I could have kept going, but I have a concert I am going to tomorrow and I don’t want to hate life while I am there.

After the workout I had some dark chocolate. I thought I earned it.

After work I went to the box. The first workout was an AMRAP. It was as many reps in 3 minutes as you can of: Deadlift, 1555 lbs Rest 2 minutes Clean & Jerk, 95 lbs Rest 1 min Pull-up Rest 1 min 100 Double Unders. I did 36 deadlifts, 18 clean and jerks and 26 pull ups.

Club started off with 8 rounds of 1 clean, 1 hang squat clean and 1 jerk (without putting the bar down) every 45 seconds. I was exhausted and used 95 pounds. Next time I will definitely go higher. Then it was time to work for a 3 rep max on deadlifts. I warmed up with 195 and then moved my way up doing 215, 225, 235 and ending with 245. It felt good. I think I could have done more, but I ran out of time.

Back at home I had a salad with home made dressing and two bunless burgers with my homemade paleo ketchup.

Looking back on these 90 days I am proud of what I have accomplished, but I know I can do more. I can do better. This isn’t the end. It’s barely even the beginning. My diet is getting better and better and I am getting stronger and stronger. I know the next 90 days are going to be amazing. I hope you can come along with me.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out the progress page for updated pictures and weight. My daughter has run off with my tape measure so I have to run to the store tomorrow to get one. I will have an update on that posted tomorrow.


So far in this journey I have noticed that my willpower is strong when it comes to sticking to my lifting schedule. Even more so after I wrote 4 weeks of lifting out in advance. I know before hand what I will be lifting everyday – movements, reps, percentages. The only parts not set in stone are my warm ups, stretching and any additional exercises to be done if time allows it.

I have also noticed that my willpower is lacking when it comes to snacking, especially on days when my mood is off. As I mentioned before I am now planning my meals in advance. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to plan out a full week of meals so I am currently working one day in advance. It’s a start and I am hoping to expand it a little further as I go along.

Breakfast this morning was paleo beef stew. It was pretty tasty. I’m not normally the type of person to eat stew for breakfast but it was a cold morning and just sounded like a good idea last night. It was a great idea. I also had a banana, orange juice and coffee.

Today was deadlift day. I added weighted good mornings as a warm up and ended with arm focused movements to help strengthen the upper body.

Good mornings – 5×5 – 65, 75, 85, 95 & 100 pounds

Deadlift – 3×3 – 210, 250 & 280 pounds

Barbell Curl – 3×3 – 65, 70 & 80 pounds

Bent Over Rows – 4×3 – 90, 95, 100 & 105 pounds

Lunch was roast that was cooked in the crock pot last night and some carrots fresh from the ground. I would say fresh from the garden, but that’s not really accurate anymore considering all that is left are some carrots. It makes me sad to see it so empty. Ed & I are already talking about expanding it next year. Apparently 800 plus square feet of garden plus a table of herbs & a planter box just isn’t enough for everything we want. I have no problem with this. I want gallons of tomato sauce to freeze next year.

I had a midafternoon snack in the form of a sweet potato with butter. I frequently get hungry before my evening workout on Tuesdays and wanted to avoid this. Mission accomplished. When it came time for the workout I felt fueled and ready to go instead of wishing I had a handful of almonds or a banana to eat first.

The workout tonight was brutal. It was a deadlift chipper with pull ups, push ups, wall balls, toes to bar and double unders (not in that order). It took me just over 17 minutes to get through it and I felt exhausted at the end of it. It was great. 🙂 Yes, I enjoy being so worn out from my WOD that I am gasping for breath while sprawled on the floor after it’s all done. I’ve never claimed to be “normal” and like it that way. Of course I have surrounded myself with people who feel the same way so I guess I am normal to this group of people. We are our own brand of weird here in CrossFit and I love it.

After that there was one more class for me. I only did part of it though. It was a high hang snatch/snatch balance combo. (Insert your own snatch joke here as I think they were all thrown around tonight. Many by me. I really should have worn my snatch shirt to class.) It was ten rounds to be completed one round every 30 seconds. I did 65 pounds. Form & speed was the focus, not weight. It felt pretty good but during one of the snatch balances my ankle gave me a bit of a twinge. It’s still not 100% so I decided to call it a night there.

Well, mostly call it a night. I did go over and help with the onramp class that was going on at the same time. It was a fairly large class and they were going over thrusters. I figured my time was better spent helping people work on form than it was sitting on my posterior. I love helping people learn these moves and find the same love for CrossFit that I have. I love it most when people listen to what I have to say and then I see it helping them grasp a concept and improve their form.

For dinner Ed & I decided to go out. We don’t do it very often and I am going to say it was all his idea. We went to Waffle House. I had a side of bacon, hash-browns with cheese & ham and a waffle. How can you go to waffle house and not get a waffle? I don’t honestly know but Ed does it all the time. That guy is not normal.

Then it was time to come home and wash the funk off of myself and snuggle up for the night. It’s my favorite part of the day.

Well, I managed to get up an hour earlier than normal. Of course so did my children so I wasn’t able to go outside to lift. You just can’t trust toddlers alone in a house.

I woke up hungry this morning and so I had a banana with my coffee. Then I had some leftover chicken & mashed potatoes with gravy served up like shepherd’s pie. It was still delicious.

My strength work today was front squats and strict presses. After my warm up I did some kettlebell swings mostly because I haven’t done them enough. I did two rounds of 15 reps at 35 pounds. I followed that with:

Good Mornings – 3×5 – 65, 75 & 85 pounds.

Front Squats – 3×5 – 115, 135 & 155 pounds

Strict Press – 3×5 – 65, 75 & 85 pounds

Bent Over Rows – 3×5 – 85, 90 & 95 pounds

On my strict press I failed on the very last rep. I tried twice but that bar just wasn’t going above my head without it turning in to a push press. I’m still happy with it. My current one rep max is 95 pounds, so doing 4 reps at 85 is not bad.

During the front squats my mind was just not cooperating with me. So I had some bonus reps on back squats. I do not know why I just kept wanting to do back squats. I’m totally okay with it. After all, squats do a booty good.

After the workout I had hot tea with honey, a blueberry crisp Cliff Bar (because after 2 reminders Ed lost his right to it) and an almond butter sandwich. I think the almond butter from Trader Joe’s is my new favorite.Granted, Justin’s almond butter with maple is AWE-SOME, but the Trader Joe’s almond butter is just so easy to spread and you don’t have to spend 10 minutes stirring it like the last brand we bought.

Dinner tonight was two burgers with cheese. They were seasoned with African Smoke Seasoning and a kick of ground hot peppers of some sort. We polished of the mashed potatoes and I had to make some more gravy to go with it. The night was rounded off with a couple of glasses of wine.

I know it’s really early in this, but I already feel like this is going to do wonders for me. This morning it was kind of cold outside and I knew the bar was going to be very cold out in the garage. The skies were grey and it was raining for a decent part of the morning. It’s the perfect kind of day for me to easily talk myself out of the short walk from the back door to the garage. Turns out it was an even better day to prove to myself that I can stick to this now that I have my mind set to it.

Tomorrow’s schedule calls for deadlifts. My favorite. I can’t wait.