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Today was a good day. The morning started off a bit hectic due to sleeping in a little later than planned but that was a worthy trade off. Thankfully last night I had already cooked up bacon and a breakfast bake, so breakfast was a simple matter of reheating and waiting for coffee.

Ed & I went to the morning bootcamp and it was awesome. I think it was called The Twisted Carnival… don’t quote me on that. Anyway, there were 6 stations. Round 1 you did each station for 2 minutes. Round 2 you did each station for 1:40. First station was the rower (at least it was for me). After that there was an agility course. I am proud to say I manager to jump over obstacles without falling wrong and twisting my ankle. That was very nice. Then we moved on to a partner station were you did a wall ball toss over the pull up bar to your partner and just passed it back and forth. I know all stations were the same amount of time, but this one took forever. On the second round through you did a burpee after throwing the ball, while trusting your partner would pay attention and not throw it back while you were still down. Ed was good and didn’t throw the ball on my head.

The next station was also a partner station. This time one person would do a farmer’s carry with a kettlebell in each hand and go up and back a set distance while the other person was doing lunges (second round was air squats). For my first trip I used 40 pound kettlebells. For the rest I used 55 pounds. Once that was done we moved to the ab station. It consisted of sit-ups, plank up-downs and v-ups. Round one you did 10 of each before repeating the moves, round two you did 5 of each. The final station had 6 slam balls followed by 6 lateral jumps on the first round or 6 push ups for the second round. My pace was much better on round 2. It was the final station and I wanted to make sure to “empty the tank” before the workout was over. Oh, and I used the 20 pound ball for each round.

After working out and being able to breath again, Ed & I went to the City Market. We picked up a bunch of spices and some produce – yellow peppers, onions, sweet potatoes, grapes, tomatoes, apples and some loose leaf tea. We really need to do that more often. I think we agreed that it is going to become a weekly thing. Especially since most items are a lot cheaper than the grocery store. I’m really excited about the tea we picked up. I have never bought loose leaf tea before today and so we spent a little time deciding. We ended up getting one called gunpowder that is a strong green tea, raspberry green tea and black currant. I have had two glasses of the raspberry green tea today. I love it.

Ed made vegetable beef soup for dinner but while it was cooking we were both very hungry and not well behaved at all. I ate a bunch of tortilla chips with rotel dip. This time it had some taco meat mixed in with it. Ed loves my paleo taco seasoning and cooked up some tacos the other night when I was out. I also had a corona, with a lime. You have to have the lime in it. Just isn’t right otherwise.

Two more days. I plan on doing some heavy lifting tomorrow, so it’s time for me to get some rest.


This morning Ed made scrambled eggs for breakfast. Then we did something we haven’t done in ages. We went to a bootcamp class at the gym. We have decided to make sure to attend one every other Sunday. So all of my gym peeps, please feel free to hold us to that. I haven’t been in one of Cara’s classes since I was able to attend during lunch hours. She’s as evil as I remember and I thank her for that. The workout included burpees, slam balls, thrusters, ring rows, squat jumps, box jumps, rowing and plank up-downs. The finisher was 3 rounds with a partner of 10 medball sit ups, 10 med ball toss (back & forth to partner on box jumps) and 10 roman twists.

For lunch we had grass feed beef stew meat cooked in a mixture of olive oil, red wine vinegar and liquid aminos (a soy sauce substitue) and a banana. Dinner was smoked turkey breast and a sweet potato with butter. There was some dark chocolate today and one of my dad’s island drinks. I call it that because he got the recipe while on a cruise. 1 part sour, 2 parts sweet, 3 parts strong and 4 parts weak.

For the most part it was a good day. However, I got some bad news at night. Another friend from high school passed away. This one wasn’t so much a friend as an ex. I wouldn’t say we parted on bad terms. We were both young and still figuring out who we were. I haven’t seen him since high school but there’s a song that reminds me of him.

And so, this one’s for you Trevor.

Rest in Peace.