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Day 89

For breakfast I had an egg bake and a few pieces of bacon. At lunch time I had some of my black currant tea. That and the raspberry green tea are quickly becoming my favorites. I am going to need more fast. It’s a good thing I plan on going back to the City Market this coming weekend. I also had some of the vegetable beef soup that Ed made. It was also very fantastic. So much so that I also had another big cup of soup for dinner.

I did not work out on my lunch break, I got busy with other things. However, I was not going to let the day turn in to an unplanned rest day. So after Ed went out to the garage to lift and he was able to stay inside with the kids, I went out there. I starter off with 5 push presses at 85 pounds. Then I moved to the push jerk and did a 3×3 at 105, 115 and 125.

I need to work on squatting under my snatches more so then I did 5 reps of squat snatches at 65 pounds. I then moved to power snatches and did 3 at 75, 3 at 85, 1 at 95 and 1 at 100 pounds. I went for 105 and failed twice. I wasn’t dropping under it properly. I know that’s my problem. As such I gave myself a 10 burpee penalty. I decided that when I fail at something for a stupid reason I am going to give myself a burpee penalty.

Anyway, moving right along… as the 105 pound bar was just sitting on the floor and needed re-racked, I used it for 5 reps of power cleans. After racking the bar I realized I hadn’t done bent over rows in a while, so I wrapped up my lifting with 3×10 at 65, 85 and 105 pounds.

I finished my workout with 30 air squats and lunges, 5 per leg, while holding a 25 pound plate in each hand.

Day 90

It’s here at last. Day 90 of 90. I wanted to make this day something to remember, and I will.

Breakfast was simple, I had some bacon. Bacon is always a good thing. Bacon makes me happy. Around early afternoon I had 2 eggs scrambled with diced up steak and garlic. They were tasty.

When looking at the whiteboard online I noticed that yesterday at my box they did max effort sit-ups. Since I have an ab-mat at home I decided that would be a wonderful idea. I made a space on the floor in my bedroom so that I could have music going of my choice, also so I could monitor the time more easily, and then got down to business. I’m not going to lie, my goal was based on what was recorded. One girl did 218, another did 150. I wanted to at least be between them. I kept a steady pace and as I was making it past 100 I was sure I could get at least 151. I did, and then I kept going. As I rounded up to 200 I told myself there was no reason that I couldn’t get 219. I did… and I kept going. I kept going for 17.5 minutes. I ended up with 320. I think I could have kept going, but I have a concert I am going to tomorrow and I don’t want to hate life while I am there.

After the workout I had some dark chocolate. I thought I earned it.

After work I went to the box. The first workout was an AMRAP. It was as many reps in 3 minutes as you can of: Deadlift, 1555 lbs Rest 2 minutes Clean & Jerk, 95 lbs Rest 1 min Pull-up Rest 1 min 100 Double Unders. I did 36 deadlifts, 18 clean and jerks and 26 pull ups.

Club started off with 8 rounds of 1 clean, 1 hang squat clean and 1 jerk (without putting the bar down) every 45 seconds. I was exhausted and used 95 pounds. Next time I will definitely go higher. Then it was time to work for a 3 rep max on deadlifts. I warmed up with 195 and then moved my way up doing 215, 225, 235 and ending with 245. It felt good. I think I could have done more, but I ran out of time.

Back at home I had a salad with home made dressing and two bunless burgers with my homemade paleo ketchup.

Looking back on these 90 days I am proud of what I have accomplished, but I know I can do more. I can do better. This isn’t the end. It’s barely even the beginning. My diet is getting better and better and I am getting stronger and stronger. I know the next 90 days are going to be amazing. I hope you can come along with me.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out the progress page for updated pictures and weight. My daughter has run off with my tape measure so I have to run to the store tomorrow to get one. I will have an update on that posted tomorrow.


Saturday was a rest day. Sunday was not supposed to be a rest day but I got sick and spent most of the day in bed. I am lucky to have Ed who took great care of me. Thankfully it was a one day thing and I slept it off. I will spare everyone the details. Let’s just say I wasn’t really able to eat anything.

Today I had bacon and eggs for breakfast. During my lunch break from work I went out with Ed to do some much needed lifting. We did front squats – 45×10, 75×5, 105×5, 115×5; push press – 45×10, 65×5, 85×5, 95×5; and thrusters – 45×5, 65×5, 75×5, x85x5 and 95×5. I also did some work on pistols while I was out there. I keep dreaming about getting them perfected. I know I will get there if I keep working on them. Results are the consequence of work, right?

I just now realized that we totally skipped lunch today. We did have a late breakfast with a lot of bacon though. It was good and it stuck with me for a while. For dinner we had enchiladas. They were very tasty. And, as it is New Year’s Eve, there is some alcohol.

There is a 28 day paleo challenge coming up at the gym. I plan on doing that. Also, I plan on doing the eat clean, train dirty challenge. So, starting tomorrow, there will be no room for me to give in to cheat days or skip workouts. In preparation I have taken some of the foods that have been hanging out in the cabinets that we don’t eat, such as pasta, and bagged it up to give away. It’s easier to avoid temptation when it isn’t readily available.

Today was the first day of my last 30 days. Tomorrow is the first day of my next 365. I can’t wait to see what I can accomplish this year.

Day 25

Today was actually fairly productive. I slept in a little bit and that was wonderful. I was in no rush to do anything. I spent the morning catching up on laundry and actually putting some of it away this time. For breakfast I had a couple of scrambled eggs with my coffee. Lunch was a sweet potato hash with ground beef and carrots. I’m still tweaking this recipe. It was better than the last time I had it but still lacking something. I will get it figured out.

After lunch I went to help a friend move and got to see some people I hadn’t seen in a while. It was nice. Plus all the trips up and down the stairs were a nice mini-wod. After that I stopped in at Local Pig. It’s a butcher shop/charcuterie that I have been meaning to check out for some time now but never even knew where it was. I ended up leaving there with a couple of bacon burger patties, jalapeno-chedder burger patties, stuffed dates and bbq burnt end sausage.

So, for dinner I had a bacon burger, no bun, and a side of cauliflower & carrot mash. This was my first time trying the mash and I think it turned out really well. I made a big batch and so there was some left over.

After dinner I did my lifting from Friday. For some reason I had it in my head that I missed doing my front squats but I double checked my calendar and realized it was back squats. Week four is my deloading week and, as much as it pained me, I didn’t go heavy. I followed the recommended percentages and this week was 40%, 50% & 60% with 5 reps each. That came out to 80, 100 and 120 pounds. Ed was out there with me and he did the same but went up to 185 pounds. It was hard stopping at 120 but I reminded myself that there is a method to this madness. I also did 10 reps of power clean to push press at 65 pounds to work on speed. I’m going to work this in at varying reps with anything from 65 to 85 pounds to work on the speed of this movement while keeping proper form.

Day 26

For breakfast I had a couple of the sausage stuffed dates and they were delicious. I also had two eggs over medium. Lunch was a small cup of turkey vegetable soup, some left over cauliflower-carrot mash and a few pieces of turkey.

My workout today was front squats and strict presses. Both at the same lower percentages. It’s going to be that way all week.

Strict press – 3×5 – 45,55,65 – They felt good… and insanely easy

Font squats – 3×5 – 70, 90, 110 – also felt good and light. I focused on form and hitting proper depth with out going too low. Just tried to break parallel and come back up.

Between the two movements I decided to do some more cleans to push presses for speed like yesterday. Today I went for 2 minutes and did a total of 22 reps. 12 the first minute, 10 the second. I tried to make sure that every rep was fluid and efficient. Next time I do it I am going for a true max effort in three minutes. I could have done more in this one but took a rest break after the first twelve reps until the end of the first minute (about 13 seconds).

Dinner was chicken breast wrapped in bacon and smothered in pineapple. That crap is delicious and my own creation. I am proud of it’s beauty and simplicity. I made it one night a while back when all three ingredients were in the house. Seriously tasty stuff. TRY IT. You just wrap bacon around chicken breast and then cover it with pineapple and back it until it is done. How much easier can it get?

If you don’t try it sometime that’s your loss. But seriously, do it.

Oh, and I also made some sweet potato fries seasoned with rosemary and ground coriander. I could eat my weight in that. There was supposed to be left overs for Ed for tomorrow. All he is getting is one chicken breast. Sorry baby. Every time I went in the kitchen I ate more fries. I’m not ashamed.

I was having a craving for chocolate and so Ed was kind enough to bring some home. Godiva. 85% dark chocolate.Giant bar. I think the bar is intended for cooking. I don’t care. I behave and only ate two pieces. I did ignore the girl scout cookies, m&m’s and kit kats that spent the day calling to me. Screw you temptation. I want tight abs more than I want you.

I also had a couple of glasses of wine with my baby before calling it a night, which I am doing now.

Glorious Saturday, I got to sleep in a little bit later than usual. Well it was only until 8, but that extra hour was nice. I had my baby girl “help” make pancakes. She did a great job stirring for me. So for breakfast I had my usual couple of cups of coffee along with 2 pancakes with almond butter and syrup. They were pretty good.

At the gym today I helped coach the onramp and in that class I did some wall balls to demo them. I haven’t done them in a while and did better than I honestly thought I would. I do need to do them more often. So, note to self, do some wall balls every now and then if they aren’t in any of the WOD’s that I can make it to. Due to family obligations I wasn’t able to stick around for the open gym to get my strength work in at the box. I did enjoy teaching though and helping people learn the movements. I really love it when someone listens to my instruction and I can see their form improve or when someone asks a question and I can confidently answer it for them. I love helping people in their love with CrossFit and lifting.

when I got back  home I fixed myself a large batch of chicken “nuggets.” They were breaded with almond flour and a few seasonings and cooked in bacon grease. Everything is better with bacon. I ate them with BBQ sauce and when the kids didn’t eat all of the mac and cheese that I had fixed for them, I swiped some of that. While playing with the kids I also managed to sneak in some stretching.

During nap time I went out to the garage with Ed to get my strength work in for the day. My muscles were sore from all the work I have done this week so I decided to take it light today. We each did a 5×10 of hang power cleans and push presses. I stuck to 65 pounds for all of my reps. My focus was on speed and form. I wasn’t trying to get to heavy with this. Instead I focused on form and speed. Hang cleans are not something I do very often and when I do them I am not very good with the flow.  That is something I know needs work and I think they felt good today.

For dinner I had two home made beef and chicken quesadillas. I must also confess to having a few small pieces of candy today. having it in the house is hard to resist. Still, I don’t think a tiny kitkat is going to kill me. But if it comes down to me having to learn to totally say no to these to see the gains I want, I will find a way to turn them down. Or hide them. Whatever it takes. It’s time for me to get the body I really want and I will do what needs to be done to achieve it.

Tomorrow is a rest day, so my plan is to eat lighter but not stupid light. My body still needs fueled but I think it’s the day to skip the chocolate. Not the wine though. Or the bacon for that matter.

Goodnight everyone.