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Day 78

Today I had to planned on doing the snatch ladder from the CrossFit Open last year. I got through the first 30 reps at 45 pounds and my forearms were on fire. I had been mobbing my calves a lot and neglected my forearms. So, I called it a day there. However, I did get those reps completed in under two minutes. That I was happy about. It was somewhere around 1:42. I have lost the post-it that I wrote it on, so that is an estimate. I stayed gluten free all day as well. So, yeah for that.

Day 79

Today I had to drive half way across the state to get my oldest kids. I didn’t eat enough on during the work hours and so I caved on the way out of town and got some orange chicken from Panda Express. It was delicious. I only partially regret it. After getting home I went out dancing with some friends. It was fun. I must do this more.

Days 80-81

My oldest son had a wrestling tournament closer to my dad’s house than my own on Saturday so we spent the day before and the night there. Onramp at the gym was cancelled for the day on Saturday and so I got to sleep in. That was awesome. Ed made pancakes for breakfast because DJ doesn’t like eggs. Weird kid, but I love him. We had dinner at my dad’s. We had salad, baked potatoes and steak. It was delicious. There was also wine. My father brews beer and wine. Not to brag, but he makes the best Pinot I have ever had. That’s not what we had that night, I can’t remember what we drank but it was red and it was awesome. Not so awesome, however, is the fact I forgot to mooch a couple of bottles off of him.

Sunday was DJ’s wrestling tournament. He did not win, but he did well. This season he doesn’t seem to have the same fire for it as he had last year but the last match looked like it might be coming back.  There was no eating well on Sunday. I am not going to lie about that. It just didn’t happen. We drove home after the tournament and stopped at White Castle on the way. There is no White Castle in KC. That makes me sad but is probably a good thing.

Day 82

Today was the day I was supposed to meet my kids’ father for the great kid exchange but he ended up in the hospital with chest pains. Thankfully it doesn’t seem like a heart issue. I haven’t heard the final diagnosis but they were leaning towards possible issues with his gallbladder. I hope it gets all straightened out soon. Ed & I spent the day cleaning and bonding with the kiddos.

Day 83

My ex got released from the hospital today and so we made the kid swap. As such, I had to miss my regularly scheduled double dose of evening workouts on Tuesdays. Yeah, I was kind of jonesing for a workout. Not going to lie. But I had to work and as soon as I got off work I was in the car. Thanks to two car accidents I didn’t get home until after 9.

Day 84

Today came the full return to lifting and eating clean. Breakfast was 2 eggs scrambled with green & orange peppers and some diced steak along with a banana and some grapes. It was a late breakfast and so I didn’t eat before going out for my lunch time WOD. First I did strict presses. 5 @ 45, 3 @ 65, 2 @ 85, 1 @ 95 ad 1 @ 100. That final rep was a 4 pound PR. I like that. That makes me happy.

Then it was time for deadlifts. I did 3 rounds AMRAP at 80% of my 1 rep max. That’s 245 pounds. First round was 6 reps, second was 5 and last was 4. I tried for a fifth one in that last round but barely got it off the floor. I finished up with 100 AbMat sit-ups in 3:14.

Ladies, a tip, don’t do 100 AbMat sit-ups without a yoga mat under the AbMat and don’t wear a thong. Just don’t. It’s not pretty. It’s not pleasant.

After work was the OnRamp class. We went over hang power cleans and burpees. Everyone loves burpees, right? Yeah, me neither.

Ed & I went out for dinner at Ghengis Khan. I was good and totally skipped the noodles in the first round. I made very careful choices and managed to be gluten free for that one. Round two I believe was still gluten free but this time I had some rice noodles. I love Ghengis Khan. It’s a Mongolian Grill where you have FULL control over every part. There are no pre-made sauces like at BD’s. There is garlic water, ginger water, vinegar, wine and a bunch of other things that you add to create your own flavor. For dessert I had a slice of orange, some pineapple and a couple small pieces of watermelon.

Now that I am all caught up, I am going to bed.


Day 25

Today was actually fairly productive. I slept in a little bit and that was wonderful. I was in no rush to do anything. I spent the morning catching up on laundry and actually putting some of it away this time. For breakfast I had a couple of scrambled eggs with my coffee. Lunch was a sweet potato hash with ground beef and carrots. I’m still tweaking this recipe. It was better than the last time I had it but still lacking something. I will get it figured out.

After lunch I went to help a friend move and got to see some people I hadn’t seen in a while. It was nice. Plus all the trips up and down the stairs were a nice mini-wod. After that I stopped in at Local Pig. It’s a butcher shop/charcuterie that I have been meaning to check out for some time now but never even knew where it was. I ended up leaving there with a couple of bacon burger patties, jalapeno-chedder burger patties, stuffed dates and bbq burnt end sausage.

So, for dinner I had a bacon burger, no bun, and a side of cauliflower & carrot mash. This was my first time trying the mash and I think it turned out really well. I made a big batch and so there was some left over.

After dinner I did my lifting from Friday. For some reason I had it in my head that I missed doing my front squats but I double checked my calendar and realized it was back squats. Week four is my deloading week and, as much as it pained me, I didn’t go heavy. I followed the recommended percentages and this week was 40%, 50% & 60% with 5 reps each. That came out to 80, 100 and 120 pounds. Ed was out there with me and he did the same but went up to 185 pounds. It was hard stopping at 120 but I reminded myself that there is a method to this madness. I also did 10 reps of power clean to push press at 65 pounds to work on speed. I’m going to work this in at varying reps with anything from 65 to 85 pounds to work on the speed of this movement while keeping proper form.

Day 26

For breakfast I had a couple of the sausage stuffed dates and they were delicious. I also had two eggs over medium. Lunch was a small cup of turkey vegetable soup, some left over cauliflower-carrot mash and a few pieces of turkey.

My workout today was front squats and strict presses. Both at the same lower percentages. It’s going to be that way all week.

Strict press – 3×5 – 45,55,65 – They felt good… and insanely easy

Font squats – 3×5 – 70, 90, 110 – also felt good and light. I focused on form and hitting proper depth with out going too low. Just tried to break parallel and come back up.

Between the two movements I decided to do some more cleans to push presses for speed like yesterday. Today I went for 2 minutes and did a total of 22 reps. 12 the first minute, 10 the second. I tried to make sure that every rep was fluid and efficient. Next time I do it I am going for a true max effort in three minutes. I could have done more in this one but took a rest break after the first twelve reps until the end of the first minute (about 13 seconds).

Dinner was chicken breast wrapped in bacon and smothered in pineapple. That crap is delicious and my own creation. I am proud of it’s beauty and simplicity. I made it one night a while back when all three ingredients were in the house. Seriously tasty stuff. TRY IT. You just wrap bacon around chicken breast and then cover it with pineapple and back it until it is done. How much easier can it get?

If you don’t try it sometime that’s your loss. But seriously, do it.

Oh, and I also made some sweet potato fries seasoned with rosemary and ground coriander. I could eat my weight in that. There was supposed to be left overs for Ed for tomorrow. All he is getting is one chicken breast. Sorry baby. Every time I went in the kitchen I ate more fries. I’m not ashamed.

I was having a craving for chocolate and so Ed was kind enough to bring some home. Godiva. 85% dark chocolate.Giant bar. I think the bar is intended for cooking. I don’t care. I behave and only ate two pieces. I did ignore the girl scout cookies, m&m’s and kit kats that spent the day calling to me. Screw you temptation. I want tight abs more than I want you.

I also had a couple of glasses of wine with my baby before calling it a night, which I am doing now.

Today was definitely a better day.

Breakfast and lunch sort of blurred together as I didn’t really have a big meal and more or less ate as I got hungry.It consisted of turkey, a banana and a hot pocket. I also had some hot tea along with my usual coffee. The hotness felt good on my throat which is still battling congestion. Early in the morning I got a text from a dear friend. She told me to lift today and that it would help with my stress. I had already decided I would but wasn’t quite finding the motivation for it. So thanks for the push Jill, I needed it. You were right, it totally helped.

I went outside to lift three times today. My first time out I did push presses and snatches. It was a mix of what I originally planned to do Friday and today.

Push Press – 5,3,1 – 75, 85, 95

Snatch – 3,3, AMRAP – 80, 90 100×4 reps

The push presses felt really good. The snatches were even better. If you were there to see me struggle with getting the 100 pound snatch earlier this year then you know how awesome it felt getting 4 tonight. You see, during the CrossFit open last year I got 100 pounds ONCE. Just once. The next time I tried it I failed. The time after that, failed. For months I was stuck in my head and couldn’t get it again. I can’t wait to try for a new max on this.

Then on my next break at work I went out and did back squats. I warmed up with 5 & 5 of 100 and 135 pounds.

Back Squats – 5,3, AMRAP – 150, 170 and 4 reps at 190.

These felt good as well… except for the last 2 reps. I really had to push to get those. I debated, briefly, stopping at 3 reps. Then I remembered something I read recently about the last reps being the ones that counted the most. The reps that you have to fight for. Those reps that almost don’t happen. So I fought for one more rep and was glad I did.

After work I had about 20 minutes before I had to pick up the kids from the sitter and so I did a workout posted by my box. It was 20 reps back squats unbroken. The last time I did that I used 135 pounds. This time I used 145. I got all 20 reps. The last five were hard but not impossible. Obviously since I did it. I have set myself a goal to revisit this before the end of the year and get 20 reps at 160 pounds. I think I can do it.

Dinner, that wasn’t so great. It was pizza, meat lovers. I ate the crap out of that. I also made cookie bars with the kids and had a couple of those and wrapped the night up with a glass of wine. I did stop at one glass though, so that’s something.

This morning started off the usual way. Coffee first, food after I dropped off the kids at the babysitter’s.

Breakfast: 2 eggs over medium, bacon, orange juice & coffee

Mid-Morning Snack: Peanut butter sandwich & chocolate milk

My strength work today was front squats and strict presses. This time I didn’t have any issues with trying to do back squats and so I got through the reps fairly quickly.

Strict Presses – 5, 5, 3, 3, 3, 3 – 45, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 pounds.

Front Squats – 3×3 – 125, 145 & 160 pounds

As usual the last rep of each movement was hard. I did try for rep 4 on the strict press at 90 pounds but couldn’t get it any higher than my nose. I finished this up in less than 30 minutes so I threw in a 15-12-9 of kettlebell swings and push-ups. I didn’t time myself so I can’t tell you how long it took me. I am working on making my kettlebell swing less of an arc in the upward motion and more of a straight line/press movement. I know what I am trying to say here but I just can’t think of any better way to describe it at the moment.

As soon as I came in from lifting I grabbed and devoured a banana.

Lunch: Beefaroni – Yeah, I know. But it’s the last canned item like this in the house. It is gone now. I don’t plan on buying anymore.

Dinner was planned to be a pre-made paleo meal and it mostly was. It just was a smaller serving than I expected so Ed was wonderful enough to go grab a rotisserie chicken from the local grocery store to add to it. The honey dill carrots were delicious though. I must find the recipe.

I’ve been somewhat moody/cranky/unreasonable lately and fully aware of it so Ed brought home some dark chocolate. He also bought me flowers. I love him. 🙂 He’s fabulous.

Flowers from my baby

Aren’t they beautiful? =)

Well, I managed to get up an hour earlier than normal. Of course so did my children so I wasn’t able to go outside to lift. You just can’t trust toddlers alone in a house.

I woke up hungry this morning and so I had a banana with my coffee. Then I had some leftover chicken & mashed potatoes with gravy served up like shepherd’s pie. It was still delicious.

My strength work today was front squats and strict presses. After my warm up I did some kettlebell swings mostly because I haven’t done them enough. I did two rounds of 15 reps at 35 pounds. I followed that with:

Good Mornings – 3×5 – 65, 75 & 85 pounds.

Front Squats – 3×5 – 115, 135 & 155 pounds

Strict Press – 3×5 – 65, 75 & 85 pounds

Bent Over Rows – 3×5 – 85, 90 & 95 pounds

On my strict press I failed on the very last rep. I tried twice but that bar just wasn’t going above my head without it turning in to a push press. I’m still happy with it. My current one rep max is 95 pounds, so doing 4 reps at 85 is not bad.

During the front squats my mind was just not cooperating with me. So I had some bonus reps on back squats. I do not know why I just kept wanting to do back squats. I’m totally okay with it. After all, squats do a booty good.

After the workout I had hot tea with honey, a blueberry crisp Cliff Bar (because after 2 reminders Ed lost his right to it) and an almond butter sandwich. I think the almond butter from Trader Joe’s is my new favorite.Granted, Justin’s almond butter with maple is AWE-SOME, but the Trader Joe’s almond butter is just so easy to spread and you don’t have to spend 10 minutes stirring it like the last brand we bought.

Dinner tonight was two burgers with cheese. They were seasoned with African Smoke Seasoning and a kick of ground hot peppers of some sort. We polished of the mashed potatoes and I had to make some more gravy to go with it. The night was rounded off with a couple of glasses of wine.

I know it’s really early in this, but I already feel like this is going to do wonders for me. This morning it was kind of cold outside and I knew the bar was going to be very cold out in the garage. The skies were grey and it was raining for a decent part of the morning. It’s the perfect kind of day for me to easily talk myself out of the short walk from the back door to the garage. Turns out it was an even better day to prove to myself that I can stick to this now that I have my mind set to it.

Tomorrow’s schedule calls for deadlifts. My favorite. I can’t wait.