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Day 78

Today I had to planned on doing the snatch ladder from the CrossFit Open last year. I got through the first 30 reps at 45 pounds and my forearms were on fire. I had been mobbing my calves a lot and neglected my forearms. So, I called it a day there. However, I did get those reps completed in under two minutes. That I was happy about. It was somewhere around 1:42. I have lost the post-it that I wrote it on, so that is an estimate. I stayed gluten free all day as well. So, yeah for that.

Day 79

Today I had to drive half way across the state to get my oldest kids. I didn’t eat enough on during the work hours and so I caved on the way out of town and got some orange chicken from Panda Express. It was delicious. I only partially regret it. After getting home I went out dancing with some friends. It was fun. I must do this more.

Days 80-81

My oldest son had a wrestling tournament closer to my dad’s house than my own on Saturday so we spent the day before and the night there. Onramp at the gym was cancelled for the day on Saturday and so I got to sleep in. That was awesome. Ed made pancakes for breakfast because DJ doesn’t like eggs. Weird kid, but I love him. We had dinner at my dad’s. We had salad, baked potatoes and steak. It was delicious. There was also wine. My father brews beer and wine. Not to brag, but he makes the best Pinot I have ever had. That’s not what we had that night, I can’t remember what we drank but it was red and it was awesome. Not so awesome, however, is the fact I forgot to mooch a couple of bottles off of him.

Sunday was DJ’s wrestling tournament. He did not win, but he did well. This season he doesn’t seem to have the same fire for it as he had last year but the last match looked like it might be coming back.  There was no eating well on Sunday. I am not going to lie about that. It just didn’t happen. We drove home after the tournament and stopped at White Castle on the way. There is no White Castle in KC. That makes me sad but is probably a good thing.

Day 82

Today was the day I was supposed to meet my kids’ father for the great kid exchange but he ended up in the hospital with chest pains. Thankfully it doesn’t seem like a heart issue. I haven’t heard the final diagnosis but they were leaning towards possible issues with his gallbladder. I hope it gets all straightened out soon. Ed & I spent the day cleaning and bonding with the kiddos.

Day 83

My ex got released from the hospital today and so we made the kid swap. As such, I had to miss my regularly scheduled double dose of evening workouts on Tuesdays. Yeah, I was kind of jonesing for a workout. Not going to lie. But I had to work and as soon as I got off work I was in the car. Thanks to two car accidents I didn’t get home until after 9.

Day 84

Today came the full return to lifting and eating clean. Breakfast was 2 eggs scrambled with green & orange peppers and some diced steak along with a banana and some grapes. It was a late breakfast and so I didn’t eat before going out for my lunch time WOD. First I did strict presses. 5 @ 45, 3 @ 65, 2 @ 85, 1 @ 95 ad 1 @ 100. That final rep was a 4 pound PR. I like that. That makes me happy.

Then it was time for deadlifts. I did 3 rounds AMRAP at 80% of my 1 rep max. That’s 245 pounds. First round was 6 reps, second was 5 and last was 4. I tried for a fifth one in that last round but barely got it off the floor. I finished up with 100 AbMat sit-ups in 3:14.

Ladies, a tip, don’t do 100 AbMat sit-ups without a yoga mat under the AbMat and don’t wear a thong. Just don’t. It’s not pretty. It’s not pleasant.

After work was the OnRamp class. We went over hang power cleans and burpees. Everyone loves burpees, right? Yeah, me neither.

Ed & I went out for dinner at Ghengis Khan. I was good and totally skipped the noodles in the first round. I made very careful choices and managed to be gluten free for that one. Round two I believe was still gluten free but this time I had some rice noodles. I love Ghengis Khan. It’s a Mongolian Grill where you have FULL control over every part. There are no pre-made sauces like at BD’s. There is garlic water, ginger water, vinegar, wine and a bunch of other things that you add to create your own flavor. For dessert I had a slice of orange, some pineapple and a couple small pieces of watermelon.

Now that I am all caught up, I am going to bed.


Fully back at it today. Breakfast was a banana and a 3 egg omelet with green & orange peppers and left over pork roast. I cooked the eggs in some of the fat from the pork roast.  Lunch was a steak with some carrots, zucchini and yellow squash sauteed in olive oil.

It was really good doing a lunch time WOD again, despite the fact the every muscle in my body is sore. It’s like a wrestled a bear or something yesterday. I started off with something I had never done before, a bent-over T-Bar row. If you’re not sure what that is, check out this video. Let me know when you’re done.

All good? Okay, carrying on. So I did a 5×6 of that starting at 60 pounds and moving up by 10 pounds each round, ending at 110. The I worked on my hang power cleans. I did 5,5,3,3,1,1, at 45, 65, 85, 100, 105, 115 and 120. I then finished with a mini-wod of 3 rounds of 10 reps each of the following moves – Farmers carry box step ups (10 pound plate in each hand), abmat sit-ups, air squats and push ups. Next time I am going to try the 25 pound plates and see how they feel on the step-ups.

After work it was time for the on-ramp class. I demo’d wall balls at 14 pounds. They felt good. Maybe next time I will use the 16 pound just to get myself more used to the heavier weight. I also demo’d box jumps and apparently I don’t bend my knees very much before I jump. One of the new guys found that impressive. That made me feel good, even though I didn’t know I did that. Final demo was kettlebell sumo deadlift high pulls. I started off demo’ing at 35 pounds and then I tried a few reps and 55 and a few at 70 just to see if I could do them properly. I’m sure glad it worked out. Wouldn’t have looked very good to fail while showing people how it’s done.

Next it was time to meet Jill to go shopping for a bridesmaid dress. I am soooo not a bridezilla and my only requirement was that it be red. We found a really cute dress and she looks smashing in it, if I do say so myself. One day that girl will realize how pretty she is. ❤ ya Jill.

Back at home Ed had cooked some ground beef in my paleo taco seasoning. I made myself a taco salad. It wasn’t 100% paleo with the cheese and refried beans, but I did skip the taco shells and tostada shells. Side note, my spellchecker wants to correct tostada to photostat. Weird. I just thought you should know that.

I have decided that tomorrow I am going to redo WOD 12.2 from last year’s open. It’s a snatch ladder with a ten minute time cap. 30 reps at 45 pounds, 30 at 75, 30 at 100 and 30 at 120. You get as far as you can in the 10 minutes. One bar, you are responsible for changing the weights. Last year I got 61 reps. I got 100 pound snatch up once and then couldn’t do it again for months. I got trapped in my head. I have since 1 rep maxed at 105. I would love to get 90 reps tomorrow but I will be happy with anything over 62. Wish me luck.

Yesterday I felt like crap. I ate better, but I felt like crap. Like I was trying to get sick even though it’s the last thing I wanted. I blame it on the gluten. Even if that’s not the case, I am going to say it is because that will make it easier to avoid the gluten in the future. So that’s a good thing. Speaking of gluten and its impact on the body, I stumbled across this earlier today.

Pay attention to number 4. That was totally me yesterday. I was CRANKY. Nope, that’s not right. I was at the edge of my stress limitations and I was bitchy. How Ed put up with me I honestly don’t know. He did maintain his distance quite nicely.

I ate better yesterday. No gluten. Eggs scrambled with ham for breakfast, banana, celery with almond butter, sliced ham and for dinner we had rib-eyes with grilled zucchini and squash.

I didn’t lift. Like I said, I felt like crap. At the end of the night when I realized how much of a slacker I had been I popped out 50 air squats. Not for time and not pushing myself too hard. But they were consecutive.

Today I had chicken wrapped in bacon and a banana for breakfast. Celery with almond butter for a snack. A quesadilla for lunch made with corn flour tortillas. Not the greatest, I know, but no gluten in that tortilla. Dinner was an 8 oz sirloin filet wrapped in bacon with a side of sauteed veggies and a glass of wine. Dessert was half a bar of dark chocolate and two more glasses of wine.

My workouts tonight, before dinner, totally kicked my ass. First it was 5 rounds for time of 115 pound squat cleans and 35 pound kettlebell swings. I won’t lie, I pushed myself harder in this workout than I have in a while. Two reasons for this. First, it’s the first WOD Ed has been able to make it to in weeks and I knew he was in a position to watch me. Second, I could see Holly. She beat me, but I did my best to keep up. She got her last round of kettlebell swings in before I started them. That girl pushes me and I hope she knows it. 🙂

For club we did an 8 minute EMOM (every minute on the minute) push press, push jerk and split jerk. I shared a bar with Holly and Layne. We kept a great rhythm and did 95 pounds. After that it was BE’s tabata hell. That may not be what it was officially called, but that is my name for it. Tabata – 8 rounds of a movement for 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. Deadlifts at 165 pounds. Ring dips (I need to work on these as I still have to use a band). Box jumps. RX for the box jumps was 30 inches for everyone. I haven’t really done them since I hurt my ankle and so I did 24 inches. It felt nice to actually jump on the box jump but I still need to be really careful with these.

BE, you are evil, sadistic and this night totally kicked my ass. Thank you. It was EXACTLY what I needed. I’m back on it tomorrow.

Breakfast was 3 eggs scrambled, cooked in butter. And coffee. Always coffee. Then I had some celery with almond butter. For lunch I cooked up some beef cut in to cubes with gluten free szechuan sauce, a splash Bragg’s liquid aminos, carrots and green peppers. It was spicy and tasty.

After work I went out and did my lifting for the day. Still sticking with the lighter weights this week. I did a 5×5 of overhead squats at 65 pounds followed by a 5×5 of squat snatches also at 65 pounds. In the squat snatches my focus was trying to drop under the bar. I want to get the 115 pound snatch and I know it will happen sooner if I can drop under it properly.

Dinner was steak and cauliflower/carrot mash. Ed cooked the steak. I cooked the mash. This time I put in some rosemary. I thought of that near the end and so it got blended a little longer in the Ninja food processor. It ended up a little closer to baby food consistency which I liked better and Ed liked less. So, in the future, I will take part of it out for him before I blend mine to oblivion.

Oh, I also had some dark chocolate. The girl scout cookies that Ed order a little while ago already showed up. I hid them from myself. I am going to save those for my cheat days. I will take my cheat days very seriously. There is already one planned for next Wednesday. It’s a birthday dinner and the birthday girl (Ed’s daughter) wants Thai. It’s been too long since I have had Thai and I am so looking forward to it.

Side note, I am starting to get in to this whole couponing thing. I am still very new to it and learning the rules and how to get the best deals without scamming anyone. I refuse to use a coupon on an item other than intended just because the register can’t tell the difference. However, I did end the day buying three bottles of hairspray that were on clearance and after redeeming my coupons/in-store funny money I only spent $0.58 out of pocket. I’m not going to complain about that one bit.

I realized this morning when I stretched that my abs are little sore. GHD sit-ups are no joke. I must do them more often

Breakfast was two more pieces of the breakfast bake a banana and a yogurt. Pretty much a not so instant replay of yesterday. I’m fine with that. However, my ass is dragging today and no amount of coffee seemed to be helping. During my first morning break at work I laid down with cold tea bags on my eyes to relieve their tiredness. That helped.

Lunch was left over pork roast with more of the au ju poured all over it. I stopped myself short of drinking the juice, it is that yummy. I also had an apple. I realized a bit after lunch that I had not eaten a single vegetable and so I corrected that, slightly, with some celery dipped in almond butter.

After work I went and taught the on-ramp class. We covered proper squat form, push-ups and their various modifications for scaling, box jumps and deadlifts. I demo’d a few reps at 75 pounds. After that we did tabata sit-ups. I joined in on the sit-ups as I needed some kind of workout today.

For dinner I sliced up a beef roast into thin strips and cooked it in butter with garlic, 21 salute seasoning and some of the au ju (I told you that stuff was good). For a side I sauteed zucchini, carrots and green peppers in olive oil with fresh rosemary. I had a small glass of wine and a small piece of dark chocolate.

If you haven’t noticed, I am trying to remove grain from my diet and let me be honest, the withdrawals are killing me. I’m not caving but I really want a cupcake… or some rolls… anything. BUT, I still resisted those cookies and helped Ed resist the ice cream. I know once I make it past the initial craving stage I will be fine. I’m not hungry after all. I don’t need it. I just want it.

I know my body will thank me for eating better once I get past this initial withdrawal period. Honestly though, if a food causes withdrawal symptoms when you stop consuming it that should tell you that it’s not the best thing for your health. One of these days I might even wean myself off of caffeine. Of course that is just crazy talk.

Today was a true rest day. No lifting, no squatting, no running, no swinging of kettlebells and no demo’ing anything. There was a pretty good amount of family time though and that is always nice.

Breakfast – Bacon, egg & cheese biscuit.

Snack – one slice of left over meat lovers pizza.

Lunch – 5 layer burrito, soft taco & a package of rolos.

Dinner – Sirloin steak with baked sweet potato topped with butter and a large glass of Cabernet.

Dessert – cookie dough and some more wine.

I didn’t do a lot to write about today, but I did end the night cuddled up on the couch watching the Firefly 10 year special. If you don’t like the show Firefly, well, you’re wrong. You couldn’t be more wrong and may as well just accept that you will always be wrong. I can usually agree to differing opinions about most things but some times you just have to stand your ground. This is one of those times for me. So don’t try to argue this one. Just sit there in your wrongness and be wrong.

Tomorrow I resume lifting with front squats and strict presses and so now I must say goodnight so that I can rest up for that.

I did not get enough sleep to start this challenge today but I committed myself to it and so here goes.

I started off this morning tired and achy, barely able to pull myself out of bed for work let alone a work out. I failed at my first challenge, to get some strength work in first thing in the morning. I resigned myself to doing that on my lunch break and I will WOD at the box tonight, no matter how much I want to skip it for a nap.

Breakfast consisted of 2 cups of coffee, black and three eggs scrambled with milk. I seasoned them with garlic powder and African Smoke Seasoning from Trader Joe’s. I love that sh!t. Need to get some more as the bottle is running dangerously low. At 10:30 I switched to water and grabbed a banana.

I decided that today would be Overhead Squat Day. It’s by far my weakest squat movement, both in weight and technique.

For a warm up I did a quick run followed by air squats and stretching. Then, with the 45 pound bar, I completed the following movements with 3 reps of each for 3 rounds: Push press bar behind neck, snatch grip push press, snatch balance and hang power snatch. That was followed by my 3×8 Overhead Squat with 45, 65 and 75 pounds.

Wow. I didn’t expect it to be that hard to keep the 75 pounds overhead for 8 reps without dropping it. After every rep I had to focus on keeping my core locked and shoulders active and stable. This movement definitely needs a LOT of work.

After finishing up I did some more stretching. My forearms were tight and needed some mobility work through the rest of the day.

For lunch I had a KC Strip along with some sauteed carrots and green peppers. All cooked in bacon grease. After cooking the steak there was enough grease left to cook the veggies so I decided not to waste it. Besides, I hadn’t had any bacon. Still drinking water.

After work I went to the box. The WOD tonight was strength based. 3 rounds of max effort bench press at 95 pounds with 30 double unders and 30 abmat sit-ups after each round. My ankle is still not fully recovered from the sprain a couple months ago so I am cautious with my DU’s. They are a mix of singles and doubles. For my bench press I did 11 reps the first and second round and 9 reps the last round for a total of 31 reps. Last time we did this I only got 19 reps so I am very happy with that. The finisher was multiple choice. I skipped passed Karen, the 1500M row and I can’t remember the other options and did the 3 person team tire flip to the end of the block (uphill) and back. It was fun but my arms are a bit scratched up.

For dinner I had a big bowl of spaghetti squash with whatever brand of sauce Ed bought, seasoned to our liking with ground beef added and parmesan cheese. Like I said in the about section, I am not going paleo here.

Oh, and through out the day I had one fun size Kit-Kat, one so small it’s maybe half fun size Heath and a cup of hot chocolate to end the night. Considering how much candy is in this house, I think I did pretty good only eating those two pieces.

Day 1 is over and I am getting more sleep tonight.